Area Rugs

The Best Rugs in North Carolina!

Benefits of Area Rugs

A room’s “fifth wall,” the floor, can showcase dramatic area rugs that are so breathtaking in color and design, they’re like works of art. And rugs can change the feel of a space in minutes—so you can do a room makeover on your lunch hour. Rugs look great layered over carpet or adding warmth and color to hardwood, laminate, resilient-vinyl, and tile.

Care & Maintenance

Taking care of your area rug is straightforward and not at all difficult. Just vacuum regularly, blot spills, and occasionally have them professionally cleaned and that spectacular area rug beauty will be maintained over the years.  In addition to selling rugs we also offer extensive Oriental rug cleaning.  Using a piece of equipment called the Rug Badger our certified, trained tech gently beats the dirt out first then vacuums and cleans the rug hanging it to dry under high velocity fans.  The Rug Shack can take care of all your rug cleaning needs even when your family pet has an accident!   We only use wool safe products.  Depending on the size of the rug this process takes about 3-5 days.

Choosing A Rug

An area rug can brighten any room in the house, adding immediate color and style. We offer indoor & outdoor rugs from Company C, Homefires and the JellyBean Collection.  If we don't have the size and style in stock that you need we'll be happy to order the rug for you and we never pass the shipping charges on to you as our way of saying "Thank You" for shopping with us!